Affordable Plunger Lift Solutions

Affordable Plunger Lift Solutions from Knowledgeable Experts

With the pace of drilling rapidly declining, it’s more important than ever to optimize well production. Recent well completions often were not equipped with Plunger Lift equipment or automation.

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Cost Efficient

Flow Data offers a variety of retrofit Plunger Lift solutions often reducing installation costs by over 40%.

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Low energy cost. Low environmental impact. Low capital investment.

Our solutions are economical because we maximize the use of existing equipment infrastructure.

  • Wireless and wired options available
  • Premier SCADAPack-based panel solution can manage up to 32 wells per controller
  • Retrofit applications can control up to 12 Plunger Lift wells with a single control panel
  • Options include Plunger software for the SCADAPack 300 Series, as well as Totalflow controllers and FisherROC computers

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Flow Data has automated over 1200 wells with plunger lift capability.

Need Plunger?
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