Electronic Flow Measurement

Flow Data engineers have developed a highly accurate Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) device which calculates instantaneous volumetric air flow. Our portable EFM uses state-of-the-art technology, including using non-restricting, non-delta pressure metering to calculate the volumetric flow rate of air flowing through a two-inch meter run. The system flow rate compensates for temperature, static pressure, and atmospheric pressure.

Digital Air Flow Instrument

Flow Data’s unique data acquisition tool is the Digital Air Flow Instrument (DAFI). It calculates instantaneous volumetric air flow and is equipped to read data from other instruments on the job site – including pressure, temperature, alternate flow meters. DAFI both displays data on its local operator interface and records data in its memory. Data can be recorded and saved for up to nine months. The sample rate for data logging can vary from once-per-minute to once-per-hour.