Automated Choke Valve PLC Programming Helps Client

Automated Choke Valve PLC Programming Helps Client

Last year a leading Appalachian gas producer wanted to add choke valve automation to their six natural gas well sites in Ohio.

Custom Choke Valve PLC and HMI Programming

Flow Data provided customized PLC programming through optimized PID blocks and algorithms for a client’s choke control application that included:

  • A ramp opening sequence to Turner Critical Flow Rate at an adjustable rate
  • Choke closed loop control (once critical flow is reached, after the adjustable delay period is satisfied) with the following parameters –
    • Primary Control- Flow Rate
    • Override Controls that included –
      • Minimum Pressure
      • Minimum Temperature
      • Maximum DP
      • Maximum Tank Level
  • Normalization of reported choke output position, according to the choke vendor’s specified command step table with a +/- 1% threshold
  • “Bump-less” transition from primary to override control and vice versa, to prevent the well from tripping too often due to varying operating conditions
  • Simplification of the well startup process to lessen the time operators needed to spend at the wellsite optimizing the well flow

Flow Data completed the phases necessary to convert and commission the system including custom PLC and HMI programming and testing the application code before implementation. Additionally, a Lavoro QLogix controller was incorporated to provide high resolution trending and reporting.

If you wonder whether you’re getting the most out of your current assets, give Flow Data a call. We’d be happy to help you identify ways you can enhance your automation program and further optimize your production process.