Simplify Installation, Setup, and Integration with PADPro®

PADPro is a complete solution for oil and gas well automation and data management.  Its highly-flexible functions enable operators to build essential commands to automate operations for up to 32 wells.

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Solution Establishes a Standard for Setup and Operations

  • Contains PROVueX with Cause & Effect setup application
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Works with both oil and gas well pads
  • Manages single or multi-well sites
  • Powered by PADManager (configuration-based operating system)
  • Includes two standard pre-configured system modules: WellMgr and TankMgr
  • Optional modules – TestMgr, TicketMgr, and LACTMgr
  • Up to 240 GB storage
  • User-friendly HMI with high-contrast graphics
  • Well optimization modes: manual, plunger, intermittent
  • Contains Plunger Lift coordination function
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Stores local PDFs and videos
  • Supports local reporting and high-resolution trending

PADPro® Wellsite Control Panel

Well Management

Well Manager (WellMgr) is one of two standard modules within PADManager that support pre-programmed well management.   PADPro has an Android-based LOI providing access to the system’s configuration utility. The screen is a powerful computer allowing operators to easily configure custom applications to meet the demands of any well pad.

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Tank Management

Tank Manager (TankMgr) is one of two standard modules built within PADPro and QLogiX that support tank management automation. Together with the Cause and Effect configuration utility, this module allows operators to easily configure custom applications to meet the demands of any well pad. This utility is among the industry’s most cost-effective methods for well site automation.

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Open Controller

PADPro is not locked-down. Operators can create custom solutions using the built-in functionality within PADManager. Additional, ladder logic code can be added to augment and PADPro application. Changes are quickly made using the provided Schneider Electric Telepace programming tool.

Dynamically Populated Screens

The patented, user-friendly software within PADPro drastically reduces programming time.

The concept is simple – PADPro’s PROVueX breaks out the system into three categories. Wells, Tanks, and Pad Items. On system startup, the Android display connected via Ethernet reads the configuration file on the PLC. This file houses all the details required to populate the pre-designed screen views for each category. For instance, if a well-pad has four independent wells, four screens are generated, dedicated to an individual well. View well screens via the WellMgr Icon which displays a summary of the individually labeled wells.

Screen views are fixed, providing the most commonly referenced information for each category. If additional information is needed, PADPro has an easy-to-configure Digital Clipboard. The clipboard gives access to other data and setpoints via the “clipboard icon” on the screen. No register mapping is required.

What Pulls This All Together?

PADManager is the revolutionary C-Application created by Flow Data for Schneider Electric 300 Series controllers and 4203 Flow Computers. This patented application is what is behind the modular programming method. Functionality is fixed, for typical C applications. PADManager is different in that it consists of a collection of functions and modules that are assembled to meet the needs of a particular application. Tailored to the upstream market, it provides a high-degree of flexibility and capability.

How Does it Work?

Upon bootup, the PROVueX application creates screens from the functions and modules within the PLC configuration. The result is a dynamic method of providing programming for a PLC without having to edit any PLC programming code. This solution enables non-programming users to create robust, standardized solutions easily. The PLC is left unlocked, so the use of TelePACE Ladder Logic and the ability to load additional C language applications is possible. PADPro uses Modbus Ethernet for TCP communications and Modbus RTU/ASCII/Enron for Serial communications.

C-Language firmware and TelePACE enabled programming tools sold separately.

Local Data Historian

  • SQL database with MS Excel reporting
  • Data Historian (30 seconds, 1/3/15 minutes, 1-hour, and daily records for all data points)
  • Logs all changes to C&E (Cause & Effect) Matrix – MOC compliance
  • Imports and stores 100+ strapping tables in one controller
  • Digitally records liquids custody transfer details (load type, driver details, transfer data) to access anytime via a simple SQL query.
  • Open Protocol – works with most PLC/RTU, hardware or end devices
  • Local or remote access to Data Historian and configuration programming through browser-based utility
  • Existing SCADA and/or business systems can query the SQL database or pull records with the system’s interface

Powered by Android and SQL

  • 240GB memory
  • No specific software required to configure, no special HMI programming required
  • SQL database – no SCADA host protocol needed to pull data
  • View Pad-wide data (up to 32 wells), including trending for tanks, tank groups, and wells
  • Dynamic, digital-clipboard reporting feature – allows for easy display of user-defined datapoints
  • Centralized dashboard for alarm notifications and setpoint data

Ease of Android HMI at the Wellsite

  • Easy to view – 7” high-resolution screen
  • Patented self-discovery graphics
  • The easy-to-operate touchscreen interface is similar to a tablet or smartphone
  • Easy-to-read alarm notifications
  • Serves as a local WiFi hotspot
  • Features local web server
  • Local database historian supports trending in high-resolution and reporting

Custom Screen and Other Programmable HMI Options

  • PADPro does not require an Android display
  • PADPro has the flexibility to incorporate alternate screens including Red Lion, Maple, and others

PADPro Hardware and Software Specifications

PADPro Hardware and Software Specifications 
MEMORY/STORAGEmSTATA 250 GB SSD standard (up to 3.84 TB optional)
DATABASEPostgreSQL Version 9.1
USB2.0 OTG port up to 480Mbps
PROCESSINGi.MX6 Quad Core @ 800 MHz
APPROVALSClass I; Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D T4A approved by UL-US and C-UL
TEMPERATURE RATING-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
SECURITYUsername and password protected. WPA-PSK by default, WPA2 PSK if specified SSL encryption to historical SQL data
ETHERNETRJ45 GbE Ethernet port | WiFi 802.22 b/g/n
WARRANTY1 year on parts and labor
REPORTINGSystem provides 250 GB of data storage accessible via SQL query. Web page report generator with calendar date selection allows user to select report range. Viewable using browser interface in MS Excel via local WiFi or Ethernet connection