PADPro Automation Control Panel

PADPro® – The industry’s most innovative automation control panel

PADPro is a complete solution for oil and gas well automation and data management.  The panel comes in several standard formats but built with the same game-changing technology. Every panel is made to support a variety of operational needs.

Game-changing technology

Easily customize automation with a pre-configured, flexible toolkit of software functions

  • Contains PROVueX with Cause & Effect setup application
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Works with both liquid and gas well pads
  • Manages single or multi-well sites
  • Powered by PADManager (configuration-based operating system) – no programming required
  • Includes two standard pre-configured system modules:  WellMgr and TankMgr
  • Optional modules – TestMgr and TicketMgr
  • Up to 64 GB storage
  • User-friendly HMI with high-contrast graphics for outdoors
  • Contains Plunger Lift coordination function
  • Optional WiFi
  • Local Web server
  • Stores local PDFs and videos
  • Supports local reporting and high-resolution trending

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