Digital Truck Ticketing

Ticket Manager (TicketMgr) is an optional module within PADManager that supports electronic truck ticketing for management of liquid transactions with immediate email notification, database reporting and recordkeeping.  Learn how Flow Data’s automated electronic truck ticketing module TicketMgr takes digital control of the liquid transfer process.


TicketMgr Module

  • Configuration-based module
  • Real-time volumetric inventory data
  • Seamlessly integrates with tank level instrumentation
  • Interfaces with LACT units and various meters
  • Manages loading and offloading of any liquid from tanks, pits or trucks
  • Creates a transaction ticket in PDF format
  • System emails copy of ticket to anyone (e.g. producer, trucking company and/or offload terminal)
  • Easy retrieval of data from PostgreSQL database by the SCADA host, enterprise/corporate server, or personal computer/tablet
  • Flags transaction anomalies (e.g. operator pulls from wrong tank, tank draw-downs on inactive transaction or timed out transactions)
  • View, save and send reports (locally or remotely)


  • Android-based LOI, easy to navigate, generate reports or enter data
  • Support customer defined transaction information (e.g. valve seal numbers, entry of temperature or gravity, additional BOL)
  • Supports pump control, sales valve, tank grounding and ESD permissive
  • Paperless process is accurate and timely – no more lost or delayed liquids data

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