Upstream and Midstream Engineering Services

Support Your Systems with a Knowledgeable, Well-Equipped Team

Flow Data’s upstream and midstream engineering team offers unmatched knowledge, spanning from field devices and telemetry to SCADA and information systems. With decades of combined expertise in upstream automation and midstream programming experience, Flow Data is ready to support your team in a wide variety of platforms. We can execute complicated SCADA programming for single centralized systems, or a complex of systems for control and monitoring using ladder logic, ISaGRAF, and other types of programming.

Field Devices

Our support includes programming process and safety systems, defining communication protocols and troubleshooting instrumentation and communications.  We work with:

  • PLCs – Allen Bradley, SCADAPack
  • EFMs –ROC, TotalFlow, AutoPILOT, OMNI, FMC
  • Field Instruments and Devices – LACTs
  • Telemetry and Networking equipment

SCADA Systems

The team at Flow Data understands oil and gas field operational needs for remote monitoring, controls and data capture. We can provide turnkey SCADA implementation or supplement your team with SCADA system technical expertise.


Our team has experience with:

  • CygNet, ClearSCADA, WonderWare, Ignition and OPC Servers
  • Control Room Management Support per PHMSA Regulations and Guidelines
  • Setup Control Room and SCADA Networking Domain with Redundancy
  • Operator and Development/Engineering Stations
  • Security, Backup
  • Web and Mobile Server
  • Text/Email redirections and WIN-911 setup
  • API RP 1165 – Pipeline SCADA Displays
  • API RP 1130 – Computational Pipeline Monitoring for Liquids
  • API RP 1167 – Pipeline SCADA Alarm Management (Alarm Management and Rationalization)

Business Integration

  • Accounting – PGAS, FlowCal
  • Data Historian – PI ProcessBook
  • Asset Management – Leak Detection (Atmos Leak), Cathodic Protection
  • Geographic Information Systems – ArcGIS


Report generation is key to compliance and operational excellence – Flow Data uses numerous tools to provide these reports for our customers.  A few examples include:

Operational Reports

  • Mass Balances
  • Leak Detection
  • Line Pack/Unpack
  • Pigging Calculator
  • Nominations Scheduling – Forecasting, Target Rate per Production Time left
  • Producer/Residue Daily deviance
  • Daily/Monthly Statements

Maintenance Reports

  • Compressor Run/Down time
  • Compliance Reports – Alarms KPI

Flow Data Makes Your Job Easier

Our goal is to simplify your job by creating an easy-to-maintain, scalable architecture solution to fit your systems and your budget. Flow Data can provide field device communication setup, commissioning and startup assistance with field engineers and technicians. We also offer customer support and training (on-site or at one of our facilities) to ensure you fully benefit from our team’s technical expertise and industry experience.

For a quote call Flow Data at (970) 523-7744 or