Learn key insights to automation of multi-well pad sites at the 3rd Annual Well Site Automation 2017 show in Houston, Texas. 

Flow Data has been asked to participate in a panel session for the 2017 Well Automation Conference. Please Join our VP of Business Development, Eddie Mechelay and learn what’s new in the industry.

The infrastructure of well-pads is changing as fields increase in size. To keep pace, experts in the industry will share their best practices on automation in order to drive efficiency, maximize production and reduce the cost per pad.

Panel Discussion
Attendees will gain first-hand, practical knowledge and be able to share their insights as well as pose questions around the changing nature of well-pads so as to enable them to stay ahead of the curve:
  • Dive deep into installation requirements for SCADA and communication systems: What changes are needed so systems can adequately communicate with each other?
  • Learn what PLCs operators are using at the pad level: Is it wireless or wired? How is it being installed?
  • Are operators using remote IOs or running everything through a centralized point?
  • Is fibre optics for high-speed communication used? If it is remote IO, are basic serial Modbus connections used?
  • How are safety systems and communications being handled, among the variety of equipment used on multi-well pad facilities?
  • How do operators analyze and use data coming in from greater than 10,000 wells?
  • As well-pads become bigger, what is the impact on chemical injection?
11:20 Question & Answer Session
  • Eddie Mechelay, VP – (Consultant) Resolute Energy Corporation
  • Forrest Marsh, Territory Sales Manager – Aggreko
  • Mark Peavy, VP Operations – Windy Cove Energy