Gas Well Automation

Configurable and Adaptable Gas Well Automation

Prepare yourself with an adaptable solution for well site automation.  Drive higher performance from the pad using PADPro.

PADPro Features:

  • Adaptable for single or multi-well operations – up to 32 wells
  • Configurable automation control – no programming required
  • Works with wells operating in plunger lift, intermitter, gas lift/injection gas or manual operating modes
  • High-resolution trending data
  • Several standard panel sizes
  • Standardized Modbus registers
  • Supports API 21.1 compliant custody transfers and non-custody transfer solutions
  • Easily integrates with or replaces existing RTUs and multi-variable controllers
  • Controls and notifies of high level alarms and shutdowns
  • Interfaces with CygNet, ClearSCADA, Intellution, Iconics, Wonderware and other applications

Using Intermitter and Plunger Lift Optimization

Inside PADPro is PADManager, the configuration-based operating system.  PADPro’s Android local operator interface makes is easy for technicians to quickly modify the system’s configuration functions to adapt to any need.

Plunger Lift Functionality

  • Alarm notifications and fast shutdowns for safer pad operations
  • Includes proportional auto-adjust optimizer for faster plunger tuning
  • Dynamic no-show modifier and adjustable no-show shut-in
  • Operates extended after flow and dynamic critical flow rate
  • Calculates static margin and minimum flow permissive
  • Controls static pressure override with auto reset
  • Records complete plunger cycle history record
  • Initiates early startup on tubing and casing

Auto Intermitted Functionality

  • Emulates plunger control without plunger hardware
  • Initiates early startup based on pressures
  • Extends flow time based on calculated or fixed critical flow velocity
  • Calculates minimum tubing/static differential flow permissive
  • Manages minimum critical flow permissive
  • Manages maximum static pressure override with adjustable reset

Field Tested

PADPro by Flow Data is deployed across North America in single and multi-well operations and used for well testing, remote gas detection, field pipeline pressure surveys, flowback monitoring and plunger lift operations.

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