Industrial Internet of Things

Oil and gas producers are currently immersed in the fourth industrial revolution. Operations are evolving around the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), big data, cloud computing, and machine learning to reach higher levels of optimized production and system performance.

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Pioneers of the Smart Oilfield

Flow Data is a pioneer in this revolution of smart oil field science. Our patented PADPro control panel captures high-resolution data in the field via the system’s SQL database.

Through our partnerships with Rockwell Automation (Connected Production®) and Lavoro Technologies (WellPadWorX®), we offer custom-engineering solutions to assist in data generation, data analytics, and predictive analysis.

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Let Us Solve Your Big Issues

Our team will help you bridge the data flow from field edge devices to SCADA systems, and business intelligence programs.

Our team can perform:

  • Data integration
  • API design and development
  • Software systems integration
  • Web and mobile applications