Affordable Smart LACT Automation, the LACT Manager function allows you to quickly, and cost-effectively automate your new or existing LACT units.

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LACT Manager

  • Single or multi-well LACT control
  • Tank or pipeline LACTS
  • Terminal LACT units with multiple sample pots
  • Simple configuration utility
    • Alarms and shutdowns for process variables
    • Sampling rates
    • Divert settings
    • Meter factor
    • Filter differential pressure
  • Integrates with any API 21.2 Flow Computer
  • Prover bypass with optional valve control
  • Easy interface for preset entry

Works seamlessly with Flow Data’s Ticket Manager module

  • eMail and daily summary notifications
  • Stores data in SQL database – retrievable locally or remotely
  • Integrates with all host applications via Modbus or SQL data
  • Utilizes our Cause & Effect function for added utility

Add truck ticketing with the optional Ticket Manager App and support electronic management of liquid custody transfers with immediate email notification, database records, and recordkeeping.