LACT Automation

Getting smart about LACT Automation

Precision measurement is one of the most important elements in the oil pipeline or trucking transport process.  For safety and revenue reporting, it is critical to have a reliable automation and information system supporting your custody transfer process.

Flow Data Knows LACT Automation

Skid manufacturers and instrumentation companies continue to build on breakthrough technology that drives innovation in digital field measurement. So, many producers find themselves facing sophisticated programming technology, legacy instrumentation, and cross-platform systems.

If you are concerned about inaccurate output because the data captured may be incorrect or missing, give Flow Data a call.

While it’s not just a matter of turning on a switch, Flow Data makes automation programming easy. We work with leading skid manufacturers that serve a broad range of applications. We can develop a solution that is right for your operation.

  • Tank batteries
  • Central Delivery Points (CDPs)
  • Central Processing Facilities (CPFs)
  • Tie-in points from Upstream to Midstream transmission
  • Truck stations
  • Terminals
  • Delivery to markets or refineries

Flow Data works with leading brands of Flow Computers and PLC/RTU units, can program your controller, and setup panel HMI screens for local operations. We also provide setup for communications that tie in data to your control room and accounting systems.

We work with:

  • OMNI Flow Computers
  • Emerson ROC
  • Schneider Electric SCADAPack Realflo
  • ABB Flow-X
  • Allen Bradley PLCs

Advanced, Integration Technology without a Hefty Price Tag

Flow Data will take your outdated proprietary programming and replace it with an advanced, flexible solution that solves integration problems and places the power of automation and data collection at your fingertips.

QLogiX by Lavoro Technologies® is a controller solution with a built-in LACT Manager configuration tool and Ticket Manager program. This innovative technology is highly-adaptable and cost-effective for LACT skid controls and reporting. It can be installed in most brands of control panel to measure, monitor and collect data from either new or legacy systems.

QLogiX stores all liquid transaction data in the system’s SQL database, retrievable from your enterprise servers using a simple query. The data historian provides access to any data collected, beneficial for process trending and accounting.

Ticket Manager is an optional module with QLogiX which digitally records and retains custody transactions that enable electronic truck ticketing details in a dynamic, accessible database.

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