QLogiX™ LACT Manager with Integrated Ticket Manager

Lower your costs for automating LACT units with smarter LACT control.

Add Digital Ticketing affordably.

Times are tough, but producers and midstream companies are in search of an affordable way to convert existing LACT custody transfer systems to digital ticketing.

The QLogiX controller, with LACT Manager and Ticket Manager modules, is just what the industry needs. Its innovative technology is a highly-adaptable and cost effective to install on new systems or convert older, legacy systems.  QLogiX allows you to digitally record and retain custody transactions and update driver identification and company information details in a dynamic, accessible database.

There are no expensive, proprietary programming requirements!

QLogiX is easy to use

Interacting with QLogiX doesn’t require a lot of training.  However, the greatest benefit QLogiX offers is its open protocol system.  QLogiX integrates with most existing controller brands including Rockwell, Siemens, Allen Bradley, and ROC as well as any flow computer including Omni, Spirit, Fisher ROC and others..  So, if you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective method to view dynamic transfer data and add or remove driver and company names to your database, QLogiX is the answer.

Its Configuration-Based Solution is the Secret

QLogiX is a state-of-the-art controller that puts the power of configuration-based programming and data collection into the hands of technicians and programmers. The system’s user-friendly configuration utility and powerful OS has intuitive setup, built-in WiFi, Ethernet and Modbus connectivity, and a fully functional PostgreSQL database. It offers a reporting utility that delivers dynamic data for unprecedented access to production data for analysis – right from the controller.

QLogiX is Highly Adaptable

  • Patented configuration-based software – no programming
  • Completely open protocol – works with most PLC/RTU, hardware or end devices
  • Attach remote I/O and manage local controls
  • Not tied to a particular application, continue to use current programs
  • Stores PDF or video files locally
  • Local or remote access to data historian and configuration programming through browser-based utility
  • Existing SCADA and business systems can query the SQL database or pull records with the system’s own interface

QLogiX with LACT Manager and Truck Ticketing

• Works with ANY Flow Computer or PLC!
• The simple interface is easy and intuitive for drivers or anyone to use
• System provides quick and easy access to custody transfer and ticket data
• Office business systems need only conduct a SQL database query to collect associative, dynamic data from the site
• System is configurable and can email daily summary reports and copies of individual ticket transactions

Advanced Features

QLogiX includes a Cause & Effect application that integrates with existing Safety Matrix worksheets. This feature significantly reduces the time it takes typical application engineers to configure wellhead process automation for safety.

Other features include:

  • Ticket Manager – electronic ticketing
  • LACT Manager – single or multi-well LACT control
  • Tank Manager – complete tank management
  • Well Manager – for gas, oil and salt water
  • Test Manager – production well testing
  • Data historian – SQL database historian
  • Local eMail capability, WiFi hotspot, and web server
  • Cause & Effect – configure applications using Safety Matrix worksheets

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