LACT Management

LACT Manager is a configuration-based module built into a state-of-the-art PLC based controller solution.  It puts the power of configuration-based programming and data collection into the hands of technicians and programmers.

LACT Manager

  • Affordable, Smart LACT, automation
  • Single or multi-well LACT control
  • Tank or pipeline LACTS
  • Terminal LACT units with multiple sample pots
  • Simple configuration utility
    • Alarms and shutdowns for process variables
    • Sampling rates
    • Divert settings
    • Meter factor
    • Filter differential pressure
  • Integrates with any API 21.2 Flow Computer
  • Prover bypass with optional valve control
  • Easy interface for preset entry
  • Works seamlessly with Flow Data’s Ticket Manager module
    • eMail and daily summary notifications
    • Stores data in SQL database – retrievable locally or remotely
  • Integrates with all host applications via Modbus or SQL data
  • Utilizes our Cause & Effect function for added utility


Quickly and cost-effectively automate new or existing LACT units

Add truck ticketing with the optional Ticket Manager Module and support electronic management of liquid custody transfers with immediate email notification, database records, and recordkeeping.

Ask about our premier controller solutions which have built-in user-friendly configuration utility and robust OS for intuitive setup.  They also have WiFi, Ethernet and Modbus connectivity, and SQL database. The automation solution offers a reporting utility that delivers dynamic data, right from the controller, for unprecedented access to production data for analysis; or data can be integrated directly with SCADA or business systems.

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