Gas and Liquids Measurement Panel

Ready. Set. Go.

Flow Data’s packaged measurement panels are a cost effective and flexible solution for gas and liquids measurement.  The solution utilizes Schneider Electric’s SCADAPack hardware and RealFlo software.  The preconfigured HMI screen simplifies deployment.  It also provides a level of flexibility to be able to add data points as needed later.  The variety of panel sizes gives users an opportunity to install a panel for their unique application.

Flexible and Regulatory Compliant

  • Works with gas or liquids applications
  • Continuous or batch measurement
  • Hourly, daily and batch summary QTRs
  • User-assignable data records
  • API 21.1 and 21.2 compliant auditable flow history
  • Expandable programming options with Telepace, IEC 61131-3 or C/C++ for site specific control and monitoring

Liquids Flow Measurement

Realflo is a flow measurement application for the SCADAPack Smart RTU. It supplements existing flow measurement capabilities. Realflo 6.91 offers new functionality for flow computation of liquid Hydrocarbons such as oil, condensates, and natural gas liquids (NGLs), as well as produced or injected water. It’s applicable for upstream, onshore operations, such as measurement for allocation or proration purposes, and LACT (Lease Automated Custody Transfer). The new functionality provides a flow computation platform on which additional upstream focused measurement applications can be built, such as Net Oil Computation (NOC), and Well Testing.

Gas Measurement

Realflo provides AGA-3 orifice plate, V-Cone, Wafer Cone, AGA-11 Coriolis, and AGA-7 turbine/pulse meter flow measurement with AGA-8 or NX-19 gas density calculations. In meeting the requirements of API 21.1, Custody Transfer Realflo provides 35 days of hourly and daily averages, 700 user changes and events as well as 300 process alarms. No additional logic programming is required to use RealFlo, it is complete and ready for configuration and use.

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