Recently, a Flow Data client looked to us to help them with a challenging midstream automation project. Our expert guidance not only provided an innovative solution but also helped them find significant savings. 

Flow Data’s end-to-end Engineered Services and Technician Support has Many Benefits

Flow Data recently completed an end-to-end automation and SCADA project for a Midstream company in West Texas. Their objective was to reduce the complexity of control and measurement hardware used at custody transfer sites, pump stations, and terminals. One of the unique challenges included how to build a communication network solution to these remote locations without the resources of cellular and internet coverage.

Midstream Company Benefits from Engineered Resources and Collaboration

Step One: An innovative solution for custody transfer controls and measurement

By installing the QLogiX-branded controller, we simplified HMI programming for the LACT skid units. The integrated SQL database could now store transfer transactions and process batching. System data was easy to retrieve from the SCADA system and could report directly to accounting tools. This innovative controller and industry-standard EFM streamlined the hardware used at the location – eliminating the need for multiple PLCs and EFMs for controls and data management.

This solution provided significant cost savings when compared to storing, managing, and retrieving data from multiple pieces of hardware equipment.

Step Two: An innovative communications backbone for the SCADA system

All custody transfer, pump, and terminal station locations were remote and scattered across a region with no cell phone connectivity. Flow Data devised a system of multiple radio networks with master/slave sites which used satellite modems to provide connectivity through these central nodes. The added benefit of this solution was it was able to avoid the high-noise floor in the area of unlicensed 900-MHz radios.

This network designed through a system of multiple master nodes with direct communication to SCADA servers provided additional cost savings as it eliminated the need for satellite modems at every location.

Affordable support is within reach

Flow Data has been supporting the service needs of upstream and midstream clients for over 20 years. Flow Data provides professional service and staffing when you need an extra hand to complete a special project or want peace-of-mind in knowing you have ongoing support in a crisis. Our team has the technical background and local knowledge to run and maintain operations in the field or from the corporate office.

Qualified Engineering Services:

  • WonderWare, Cygnet, Ignition, and ClearSCADA programming
  • Secure infrastructures for hardware, networking redundancy, backup and disaster recovery
  • PLC automation, liquid transfer, and pipeline monitoring
  • Instrument calibration, commissioning, and installation
  • Control panel fabrication with a UL508 panel shop

Qualified Field & Technical Services:

  • Instrument calibration and maintenance
  • Field measurement
  • Flow meter calibration
  • Gas and liquids measurement
  • Onsite gas analysis
  • Artificial lift automation – Plunger
  • I&E and measurement troubleshooting
  • Electrical service