Oilfield Automation

Robust and Easily Configurable Oilfield Automation Solution

Operators concerned with managing their oilfields find PADPro, with it easily configurable system, the best solution for automation.   Plus, PADPro is scalable – perfect for single well pads or pads of up to 32 wells.

Today’s oil well sites demand a SCADA controller to manage a variety of end devices.  Operators need a single, powerful controller that interfaces with these devices.  It must collect and store data and operate artificial lift controllers for safety shut downs.  PADPro is the complete solution.

PADPro Features:

  • Configurable automation control
  • Pad-wide management of input/output devices
  • Complete tank management (including trending, pressures, and flow)
  • Controls and notifies of high-level alarms and shutdowns
  • Collects and stores inflow/outflow production totals
  • Operates remote shut-in of RPC controllers or ESD valves
  • Operates with wired or wireless pad architecture
  • Centralized interface and data concentrator for VRU, LACT, flare monitoring or other standalone controllers and devices
  • Records gas and liquids measurements (orifice plate, turbine meters, Coriolis meters and others)
  • Digitally manages data and notifications of all liquid transfers
  • Interfaces with ClearSCADA, XSPOC, Iconics, CygNet, Intellution, Wonderware and other major applications

Field Tested

PADPro by Flow Data has been deployed as an oilfield automation solution by key producers across the U.S., in both traditional and shale play regions. The flexibility of PADPro ensures operators can meet all oil pad automation needs, now and in the future.

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