PADPro Training

Improving wellsite performance begins with quality training

Professionals working in upstream oil and gas operations must continually expand their knowledge to prepare for the ever-increasing challenges of the industry, which is why Flow Data offers clients effective, applied training for managing automation of operations using the PADPro premier control panel.  Trainees learn how to manage the operation configurations of its patent pending software, PADManager and integrated modules:  WellMgr, TankMgr, TicketMgr, LACTMgr and TestMgr.

Strategically placed training facilities accommodate travel within most key shale plays in the U.S.

  • Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Connellsville, Pennsylvania
  • San Antonio, Texas

Flow Data also offers on-site training to meet the needs of customers.

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Technology-based Training

Training rooms are fully-equipped to handle changing technical requirements or the demands of custom training. Our recommended class size for highly technical training, is usually 6-8 students.  However, classrooms can be set up to comfortably seat up to 20 guests as needed.

Training facilities include:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • On-site technical staff for support
  • Full range of amenities on site (kitchen, catered food and beverage service)
  • Custom configured classrooms and classes

Each course is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience that give trainees an opportunity to troubleshoot, analyze problems and reach real-time decisions under the guidance of automation experts.

Hands-on instruction in:

  • Well production operations
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical and electronic instrumentation
  • Truck ticketing and liquids transfer and transportation

Classrooms are equipped with the same PADPro control panel, instrumentation, system networks, and other equipment that trainees would use on site.

Laptops connect via WiFi to a browser within PROVue, enabling trainees to see web views of PADManager configuration screens.  Trainees learn hands-on and gain knowledge of the automation configurations used with PADPro.

Classrooms feature a 3-dimensional pad diagram with instrumentation hardware installed and connected to PADPro.  Each instrument is loaded with simulated data so trainees can see screen reporting as it would appear in the field on PROVue and in PADPro.

PADPro truly is a complete solution.  This live interaction allows trainees to visualize how the system can solve specific upstream wellhead operational needs.  Working together the group can discover, discuss and solve specific cases.  Shared knowledge goes a long way to optimizing well site automation.

Who Should Attend PADPro Training?

Flow Data gears training toward three key levels of trainee:  managers, automation technicians and operators.

  • Managers receive a high-level but complete tutorial of the system.  They walk away with an understanding of how the solution works, how it enhances their projects, and how PADPro enables them to effectively manage and control the field.
  • Technicians receive in-depth training. They will learn how to deal with all aspects of the system including its interaction with end devices.  They learn to write and manage configurations for PADPro, how to analyze the data coming from the pad, and how to customize reporting screens for optimization, monitoring and control.
  • Operators receive hands on instruction using the PROVue touch-screen interface.  The user-friendly nature of this well site computer is the centrifugal powerhouse behind the ability to quickly access data and manage well pad operations.