PADPro with Cause & Effect Released

PADPro with Cause & Effect Released

Flow Data releases next generation of PADPro is built with PROVueX and includes Cause & Effect application that simplifies HMI programming.  This patented system consists of a configuration-based OS with embedded Android-based computer and smart screen HMI.

Next gen PADPro – Built with PROVueX

Includes Cause & Effect application that simplifies HMI programming

GRAND JUNCTION, CO September 14, 2015 – Flow Data Inc., announced the release of its newest generation of premier automation panel titled PADPro. The patented system consists of a configuration-based OS with embedded Android-based computer and smart screen HMI. The system contains an SQL database with browser access and optional WiFi, and the latest version is built with PROVueX, which includes the new Cause & Effect configuration application.

C&E Application Reduces Cost of Programming – Makes Process Control Simple

Flow Data’s Cause & Effect application and next generation of hardware will drastically reduce the time necessary to configure the PADPro control panel. The system’s hardware has also been improved and now comes with 120 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) memory, expandable to 3-Terabytes and has an extended temperature rating. The single board computer can withstand temperatures between -40 °C to 85°C, and the optional LCD screen is rated from -20°C to 70°C.

Converts Safety Matrix into a PLC Configuration Tool

The new Cause & Effect application converts common Safety Matrix worksheets into a revolutionary PLC configuration tool. The system allows engineers and automation technicians to build Cause & Effect configurations using the application. The Cause and Effect logic is then automatically interpreted by the application, eliminating the need to program the PLC.

PADPro’s configuration-based OS automatically builds the HMI Process Screens. The system requires no custom programming. The panel is
also compatible with programmable Ethernet displays.

What Makes this Premier Control Panel Stand-Out from Others?

  • Significantly reduces set up time to configure wellhead process automation for safety and monitoring
  • Troubleshoots the process by showing real-time wellhead data with its dynamic HMI
  • A timed bypass mode allows for safe onsite testing of alarms and shutdowns
  • Shows Management-of-Change (MOC) reporting – permanently logs all changes made to controller
  • Hosts an Alarm Historian – including record of acknowledgement (time stamp, records operator)
  • Data can be retrieved using standard SCADA Modbus methods or via powerful SQL
  • Monitors data quality – allowing for fail-safe operations
  • Simplifies setup of email and text alarms from the panel

“The newest version of PADPro with Cause & Effect has proven to be a real cost-saving benefit for our clients,” said Paul Brennan, VP of Technology for Flow Data. “Configuration and programming time has been reduced by over 50 percent. Plus, the system’s simplified configuration process expands the resource pool to allow lower-cost Automation Technicians (vs. high-priced programmers) to reliably set up wellsite safety and control automation.”

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