The secret to configuration-based well automation

PADManager is Flow Data’s configuration-based operating system, and the secret behind its game-changing, well automation solution.  Contained within are pre-programmed, highly flexible functions that enable operators to build endless commands to meet pad automation needs.

The PADPro control panel is loaded with PADManager but the configuration for each production site is built custom for the client’s specific wellhead needs.  The PADPro solution:

  • Simplifies installation, setup and integration of end devices
  • Easily establishes a standard in setup operations

No programming required

The well and tank management modules of PADManager control an overwhelming majority of wellsite applications, making the effort to build a truly custom operation easy.  Configuration requires minimal effort when compared to traditional and costly ladder logic programming.  Flow Data has the expertise to configure wellhead automation, or we can train your team to do the job.

Open Controller

PADPro is not “locked down”.  Operators can create custom solutions using built in functions within PADManager.  Additionally, ladder logic code can be added to augment any PADManager module. Changes are easily made using the provided Schneider Electric Telepace programming tool.

Distributed Architecture

The PADPro solution is highly scalable using a combination of its PADManager software and SCADAPack platform.  Multiple remote controllers, along with flow computers, are manageable through a single PADPro controller.  This architecture is ideal for multi-well gas pads and central tank battery systems with multiple oil wells.

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