Affordable, Digital Frac Pressure Monitoring

It is necessary to monitor wells 24/7 during the fracking process to ensure communication between wells does not occur. This event can drive up costs and risk delays in well production. Present monitoring methods require expensive manpower and yet events can be missed. Data is often manual and does not provide auditable information for later reference. Flow Data has engineered a reliable solution for continuous monitoring and reporting of wellhead and annulus pressures during fracking. The Portable Pressure Monitoring system with PADPro provides alarm notification and easy access to pressure readings and data reports both locally and remotely.

Rent state-of-the-art technology and save money

Divide Oil & Gas, the rental arm of Flow Data Inc., offers a state-of-the-art, portable Pressure Monitoring System. The system is designed to offer an affordable, alternative solution for monitoring both annulus and wellhead pressures of affiliated pad wells. The skid is a completely self-contained system. It detects pressure level readings, records data in a local historic database, has emails and local alarms, and builds automated reports based on dynamic instrumentation data.

Equipment and Capabilities

The foundation of the portable skid is made of a rust-free, aluminum frame. Mounted to the framework is Flow Data’s wireless-series PADPro control panel with its PostgreSQL database and configuration-based operating system. The system includes a cell modem with booster and the skid is outfitted with a complete solar system with a minimum of 5 days of autonomy. If cell service is not available, alternate remote access may be an option.

The portable skid system utilizes Wireless 10k pressure transmitters, with a range of up to 1 mile with line of site. These are installed in pairs at each wellhead. One monitors wellhead pressure, the other annulus pressure. The PADPro control panel is configured to relay alarms and provides easy remote access to reports from dynamic data obtained from each well. Reports provide data for the life of the test and can be exported to Excel with a simple press of the button.

Included with Standard Rental

The standard setup accommodates up to three wells. It includes the Pressure Monitoring Skid with self-contained power, the PADPro wireless control panel, cellular modem and booster, and six wireless pressure transmitters with block and bleeds rated for 10,000psi. For a nominal fee, additional wireless pressure transmitters may be incorporated at any time, such as when additional wells are added or for well groups containing more than three wells.