QLogiX™ – Innovative Engineering Solution for Automation

Configuration-Based Solution

QLogiX is a state-of-the-art controller that puts the power of configuration-based programming and data collection into the hands of technicians and programmers.

The system’s user-friendly configuration utility and powerful OS has intuitive setup, built-in WiFi, Ethernet and Modbus connectivity, and a fully functional PostgreSQL database. It offers a reporting utility that delivers dynamic data for unprecedented access to production data for analysis – right from the controller.

QLogiX is Highly Adaptable

  • Patented configuration-based software – no programming
  • Completely open protocol – works with most PLC/RTU, hardware or end devices
  • Attach remote I/O and manage local controls
  • Not tied to a particular application, continue to use current programs
  • Stores PDF or video files locally
  • Local or remote access to data historian and configuration programming through browser-based utility
  • Existing SCADA and/or business systems can query the SQL database or pull records with the system’s own interface

Advanced Features

QLogiX includes a Cause & Effect application that integrates with existing Safety Matrix worksheets. This feature greatly reduces the time it takes typical application engineers to configure wellhead process automation for safety.

Other features include:

  • Tank Manager – complete tank management
  • Ticket Manager – electronic ticketing
  • LACT Manager – single or multi-well LACT control
  • Well Manager – for gas, oil and salt water
  • Test Manager – production well testing
  • Data historian – SQL database historian
  • Local eMail capability, WiFi hotspot, and webserver
  • Cause & Effect – configure applications using Safety Matrix worksheets

Download information about this remarkable product including technical details.

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