TankMgr Module

Tank Manager (TankMgr) is one of two standard modules built within PADPro and QLogiX that support tank management automation. Together with the Cause and Effect configuration utility, this module allows operators to easily configure custom applications to meet the demands of any well pad. This utility is the main reason Flow Data’s controller solutions are among the industry’s most cost-effective methods for well site automation.

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Tank Management with the TankMgr Module

  • Relays instant notifications, alerting producers, liquids carriers, and others to high and low-level tank readings
  • Liquids transportation, to and from the well site, can be automated – keeping facilities running with maximum efficiency
  • Configurable module for monitoring and managing liquids production via tank level integration
  • Calculates inflow and outflow totals of each tank or group of tanks, without meter hardware
  • Configurable integrated email alarm notifications and shutdowns – no need to connect to SCADA host
  • Reduces costs and error-prone activities of manual, labor-intensive tank monitoring
  • Local annunciation and trending
  • Integrates with most tank level measurement devices & protocols – maximizing use of existing equipment
  • Full color, high-resolution graphics that convey tank level information
  • In a single view, operators can read tank levels in five different ways:
    • Feet or inches
    • Barrels or gallons
    • As a tank graphic
    • As a percent of full
    • As a graphical trend

What Makes TankMgr Unique?

Because of its ability to accommodate a variety of container shapes without the need for special formulas for volume calculations:

  • Vertical and horizontal cylinders
  • Vertical and horizontal ellipsoid tanks (bullet tanks)
  • Square and rectangular tanks