WellMgr Module

Well Manager (WellMgr) is one of two standard software modules within PADManager that support pre-programmed well management.   PADPro features an Android-based LOI to provide access to the system’s configuration utility. This screen is a powerful computer that allows operators to easily configure custom applications to meet the demands of any well pad.  This is just one of the reasons PADPro is such a cost-effective solution for well site automation.

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About WellMgr

  • Configurable module for controlling oil and gas well pads– no programming required
  • Configurable alarms and shutdowns
  • Controller-based email alarm notification – no need to connect to SCADA host
  • Manages up to 32 wells per controller
  • Timely notification of volumes or outages for nominations
  • Platform for collecting and sharing data analysis for production forecasting
  • Drives standardization of processes
  • Monitors production and provides access to change parameters of operations
  • Integrates with any host system and EFM’s for monitoring flow

Free Flowing Wells

  • Drives consistent and rapid deployment of well automation
  • Offers same-day, high-resolution, flow back on new drills, maximizing new gas opportunities

Wells Operating in Artificial-Lift

  • Single configuration for operating wells in manual, intermitter and plunger lift modes
  • Manages and controls gas lift systems
  • Manages data and can shut-in wells with Pump Off Control (POC), Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP), and Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP)
  • Records detailed plunger arrival records (last five runs locally) and complete past plunger arrival records by the SCADA host