Test Manager

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TestMgr Module

TestMgr is an optional well test application that works seamlessly with WellMgr and TankMgr. The module collects and generates well test data for two-phase or three-phase separators and stores the data at the wellhead in Modbus as well as PADPro’s SQL database.

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What You Can Expect from Test Manager

  • Configurable module for performing integrated well testing
  • Data is easily retrievable through a SCADA host enterprise server, or by accessing the database using a personal computer or tablet at the wellhead
  • Can be configured to email out notifications when a test is complete. Notifications include well test results
  • Configurable for basic or advanced water-cut management including estimated water cut, or input from water cut meter
  • Generates 24-hour well test reports
  • Custom reporting is derived using pre-populated screens and drop-down menus
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Generate, view, save and send reports locally or remotely
  • The system generates a standard test report for every test configured to run
  • PostgreSQL database stores every test at the pad for easy retrieval by the SCADA host, enterprise server, or personal computer/tablet

Well Testing with TestMgr

The data entry for setting up a well test is easy to manage using PADPRo’s Android interface.

Producers typically enter information:

  • Well identification
  • Name of operator running the test
  • Test duration (either fixed or open-ended)

Surface Well Testing

Today’s production separators efficiently sort three constituents (Gas, Oil, and Water) into processable fluids which can be individually measured and directed for collection, flaring, or disposal. Producers strive to optimize separation by controlling pressure and fluid levels within the tank.

Temperature controlled upstream of the separator, is essential. Depending upon the type of instrumentation installed, separator units can measure:

  • Gas volume
  • Oil production
  • Water production
  • Temperature
  • Pressure

Once the app is set to test wells, the data collection begins. TestMgr tracks high-resolution production data from gas or liquid flow computers, liquid meters, and other instruments that may record pressure or temperature. TestMgr accommodates measurement readings from water cut meters and even manual water cut inputs. TestMgr can track net oil calculations as well.

SQL Database

Producers continue to work to reduce capital costs. Installing test separators and running well tests helps reduce these costs. However, getting quality information from testing has not always been easy to obtain from the field.

Demand for specific reporting makes it difficult for the back office to capture all necessary analytic data. For example, identifying which wells are operating in test mode is often recorded manually, making data slow to convey and prone to errors.

PADPro collects well, tank and test data at the wellhead in PADPro’s SQL database. Having SQL at the wellhead provides access to historical data to support analytical programming.