TestMgr Module

TestMgr is an optional well test application that works seamlessly with WellMgr and TankMgr. The module collects and generates well test data for two-phase or three-phase separators and stores the data at the wellhead in Modbus as well as PADPro’s SQL database.

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What You Can Expect from Test Manager

  • Configurable module for performing integrated well testing
  • Data is easily retrievable through a SCADA host enterprise server, or by accessing the database using a personal computer or tablet at the wellhead
  • Can be configured to email out notifications when a test is complete. Notifications include well test results
  • Configurable for basic or advanced water-cut management including estimated water cut, or input from water cut meter
  • Generates 24-hour well test reports
  • Custom reporting is derived using pre-populated screens and drop-down menus
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Generate, view, save and send reports locally or remotely
  • The system generates a standard test report for every test configured to run
  • PostgreSQL database stores every test at the pad for easy retrieval by the SCADA host, enterprise server, or personal computer/tablet

Well Testing with TestMgr

The data entry for setting up a well test is easy to manage using PADPRo’s Android interface.

Producers typically enter information:

  • Well identification
  • Name of operator running the test
  • Test duration (either fixed or open-ended)