What We Do

Founded in 1997, Flow Data, Inc. is an engineered products and service company focused on automation, service and integration.  We manufacture the turnkey, premier panel solution, PADPro that improves wellhead efficiency, productivity and safety.  Flow Data designs, commissions and installs this premier panel solution, and designs and builds custom panel solutions for single or multi-well pad sites.

Flow Data also provides automation engineering service including: SCADA and distributed control system solutions and PLC/RTU programming.  Flow Data can provide technical field support, calibration service and offers air flow equipment rental through its regional service centers in Grand Junction, CO; San Antonio and Odessa, TX; Connellsville, PA; and Dickinson, ND – to serve oil and gas producers across the U.S.

Our process

Each pad has a unique set of needs in order for a well pad to be productive.  Designing a smart solution begins with a site survey.  We often consult with local operators to address their needs and gain useful, first-hand knowledge of the operation landscape.   Our experience and knowledge of well site operations drives our ability to provide a total solution that maximizes pad production.

  • Tank level integration/monitoring
  • Well pad instrumentation
  • LACT unit interface
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems
  • Salt water disposal systems
  • VFD systems for upstream applications
  • Solar power systems
  • Site security camera systems
  • Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) systems
  • Fire and gas detection
  • Gas analysis and EFM calibration
  • Automated well testing with TestMgr
  • Automated truck ticketing for load/unloading with TicketMgr 

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